Tungsten molybdenum stick



Tungsten molybdenum stick

Product name:Tungsten molybdenum stick

Product description:This company in general is a professional manufacturer of molybdenum rod, forging and swaging the use of sintering process, the internal organization of uniform molybdenum rod surface finish is widely used in numerous military enterprises and research institutes.
Product Number: M01 M02
Supply standard: (Q1 × Y1202-2002)
Tolerance Dimensions (mm) φ15 ± 1.0 ~ 100 ± 4.5
No definite length: 200 ± 5 ~ 200.0 ± 2.0
State: 1. Surface finish; 2 stress relief annealed.
Note: Size and shape according to user requirements agreed.
Sintered bar: φ30 ± 5 ~ 130 ± 8 does not cut lengths <600


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