Polish board of the Tungsten molybdenum



Polish board of the Tungsten molybdenum

Product name:Polish board of the Tungsten molybdenum

Product description:The company mainly produce molybdenum and other rare metals tungsten and titanium ﹑ deep processing of export-oriented production and processing a body corporate. The use of advanced production technology, equipped with modern production and testing equipment, the company can produce all kinds of tubes, rods, plates profiles, processing and finishing of titanium parts business.Combined with advanced technology, and according to customer requirements and processing of various titanium, tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum, niobium, zirconium, nickel plates, rods, sheets, rods, tubes, rings, wire and other products, and all kinds of titanium materials, titanium standard parts, nickel target, molybdenum target, zirconium target, chromium target and target various types of pipe and plate target; vacuum furnace processing of molybdenum products: molybdenum plus tropical, molybdenum rod, molybdenum sheet, molybdenum sockets, screws and other molybdenum shaped pieces of processing. Widely used in petrochemical, aviation and aerospace , glass, ceramics, electronic , metallurgy, rare earth, crystal, nuclear industry , vacuum coating, industrial vacuum furnace, magnetic materials, high temperature furnace construction , Semiconductor Manufacturing and lighting industries.


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