Plank of molybdenum



Plank of molybdenum

Product name:Plank of molybdenum

Product description:This factory has specialized in the production of molybdenum-chip for years with introduction of advanced production technology, imports of high-power wide-frequency multi-roll mill and sintering equipment to meet different needs, the annual output of 20 tons of products sold and are exported to all over the world. The production of molybdenum products states are: hot rolled, cold-rolled state, eliminating the stress state, one-way rolling state, cross-rolling state. Thickness of the product range :0.1-20mm, the width can reach 600mm.
Tungsten and tungsten plate sheet is mainly used for manufacturing electric vacuum furnace heating element, heat shield and the power vacuum electric light source parts etc. Our factory is the tungsten powder by isostatic press-formed into a high temperature after sintering tungsten slab, tungsten slab by the rolling mill and then after, cutting shears formed by plates made of tungsten and tungsten sheet.


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