Molybdenum Foil



Molybdenum Foil

Product name:Molybdenum Foil

Product description:This company specializes in production and business non-ferrous metal materials and products, the products are all kinds of titanium, zirconium, tungsten, molybdenum, cobalt, tantalum, niobium, nickel and its alloys strip, foil, plate, rod, wire, standard parts , stamping, etc., while providing processing services.
Company has complete production line wire rods, strip and foil processing production line production line equipment and strong technical force, complete testing methods, the main production equipment and complete testing instruments. Company has perfect quality management and quality assurance systems, product quality is stable and reliable. Our products are widely used in domestic electronic appliances, electric light, metal processing, nuclear, glass, textile machinery, chemicals, petroleum, medical, ceramics, optics, aerospace and other fields.
Foil Matericals:titanium foil titanium with TA1 TA2; nickel-nickel foil with N6; tantalum foil tantalum with Ta1 Ta2; molybdenum molybdenum foil with Mo1 Mo2,etc.


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