ATR-312 Rutile Type Titanium Dioxide



ATR-312 Rutile Type Titanium Dioxide

product name:ATR-312 rutile type titanium dioxide
1) rutile titanium dioxide atr-312
2) TiO2 (%): min. 93.5
3) White degree (contrast to standard sample): close
4) Tint reducing power (contrast to the standard sample): close
5) Volatile content (%): max. 0.5
6) Water soluble matter (%): max. 0.5
7) Oil absorption (gram per 100g): max. 23
8) pH of aqueous suspension: 6.5 - 8.0
9) Resistivity in water extraction: min. 30
10) Residue on sieve 45u (%): max. 0.01
11) Used in paint, paper, coating, plastic, ink and rubber
25KG plastic valve pocket
Application : paint, paint, plastic, rubber, paper, decorative materials and other industries
 ATR 312 is a new generation highgrade rutile titanium dioxide developed by our company,which adopts unique raw material formula,and particle size control technology and coating process with independent intellectual property rights,, to make the product have extremely low impurity, narrow TiO2 crystal diameter distribution,and continuous , uniform and compact coating layer. The product also has the characteristics of high weather resistance, excellent scattering force,best dispersion and high glossiness etc.


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