ATA-125 Anatase Type Titanium Dioxide



ATA-125 Anatase Type Titanium Dioxide

product name:ATA-125 anatase titanium dioxide
Product Description:
1. Good pigment properties
2. High level of whiteness
3. Tint reducing power
4. Good water dispersion
5. Manufacture
6 Product characteristics: sulfuric acid process in production of anatase titanium dioxide, mature production technology, unique hydrolysis and deionized water washing process, so that the product has excellent Baidu and reducing power, high gloss, good dispersion characteristics of water.
ATA-125 is an anatase type titanium dioxide produced by our company sith sulfuric acid method process((Soleplate Process). Mature production experience, unique hydrolysis technology and de-ionized water washing process make the product have the characteristics of excellent whiteness and achromic ability, high glossiness and good water dispersion etc.
1. TiO2content ≥ 98%
2. Tailover(45um mesh) mass fraction≤ 0.05
3. pH Value of aqueous suspension 6.5-8.5
4. Oil Absorption volume ≤ 23G/100g
5. Solution in water ≤ 0.5
6. Reducing Power min105
Product standards: Q/ADJS 100-003-2011

Packaging specifications: 25KG plastic woven bag lined with plastic film.
Use:indoor water paint, oil paint, paper industry.


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