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  Gerhold Chemetals Co., Ltd is a German company founded both in Germany and China in 1997, focuses on research and development of metal material.

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Copper metal powder

Product name: Copper metal powder CAS: 7440-50-8 Molecular Formula: Cu Molecular weight: 63.5449 Appearance:l ight red shiny powder..

Pure Scandium powder

Product name: Pure Scandium powder CAS : 7440-20-2 Molecular Formula: Sc Molecular weight: 44.955912 Stability :Stable Shelf life ..

Silver Powder

Product name: Silver Powder CAS : 7440-22-4 Molecular Formula : Ag Molecular weight :107.87 Stability: Stable Shelf life :2 years Product..

Reduced Cobalt Powder

Product name: Reduced Cobalt Powder Model NO. : FCoH-1 Classification: Heavy Metal Purity :99% Storage: Avoid exposure to sunligh..

Atomized Cobalt Powder

Product name: Atomized Cobalt Powder Model NO. : FCoH-1 Classification : Heavy Metal Purity: 99% Storage: Avoid exposure to sunl..

Pb Alloy Powder

Product name: Pb Alloy Powder Appearance :sliver powder Purity: 99% Storage: Avoid exposure to sunlight,Keep dry Product description :P..

Cobalt powder

Product name: Cobalt powder CAS: 7440-48-4 Molecular Formula: Co Molecular weight: 58.93 Appearance: sliver powder Purity :99% Storage :A..

Vanadium powder

Product name: Vanadium powder CAS: 7440-62-2 Molecular Formula: V Molecular weight :50.94 Appearance :Silver powder Purity: 99% Storage..

Platinum powder

Product name: Platinum powder CAS: 7440-6-4 Molecular Formula : Pt Molecular weight: 195.05 Appearance: grey powder Purity: 99% Storage..

Best quality Indium tin oxide

Product name: Best quality Indium tin oxide CAS: 50926-11-9 Molecular Formula: In2O5Sn Molecular weight :428.34 Melting Point:..