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  Gerhold Chemetals Co., Ltd is a German company founded both in Germany and China in 1997, focuses on research and development of metal material.

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Titanium Bread

Product Name: Titanium Bread Brand : TA0,TA1,TA2,TA3,TA9,TA10,TC4,GR2,GR5 Supply Conditions: R,M Utside: 150mm-300mm Height: 35mm-140m..

Titanium Bracelet

Product Name: Titanium Bracelet Materials: stainless steel or Titanium Size: 6-8.5 Atomic Mass: 72.59 g.mol -1

Titanium Mesh Plate

Product Name: Titanium Mesh Plate Mesh Size: 3*6mm,3*7mm,12.5*4.5mm or according to customers requirement Thickness: 0.1~0.25mm0.0..

Titanium Column Tube Type Heat Exchanger

Product Name: Titanium Column Tube Type Heat Exchanger Materialstainless: Steel or carbon steel Heat Exchange Area: 1-150 sqm..

Reacts Nickel Titanium Kettle

Product Name: Reacts Nickel Titanium Kettle Volume(L): 0.1~0.5 Working Pressure(MPa): Negative pressure~15 Working temperatur..

Titanium Coil

Product Name: Titanium Coil Thickness: 2~16mm Width: 800-1550mm Length: 12m Technique: Cold Rolled

Nickel Titanium Pump Valve

Product Name: Nickel Titanium Pump Valve Power Supply: 220~240V/1ph/50Hz Available Heating Capacity: 5.6kw, 7.8kw, 12.5kw, 17..

Titanium Equipment

Product Name: Titanium Equipment Diameter: 4-350MM Shape: Round Length: 1000-6000MM Weight: 0.1-600KG Size Range: (10mm~350mm)*(370..

Titanium Copper Compound Bar

Product Name: Titanium Copper Compound Bar Type: Explosive rolled Grade: Ti+Cu; Zi+Cu Square Bar: 38mm*38mm Round Bar: D6-45m..