Titanium Flange



Titanium Flange

Product name:Titanium Flange
Titanium flange have holes, bolt that two flange abuts flange gasket seal with flange between flanged fittings pipe fittings (with) refers to the flange (tu rim or receive) fittings.

1、By connecting parts:Titanium flange connection is a detachable connection parts according to the connection can be divided into containers flanges titanium and pipe flanges titanium;
2、In the form of the structure:According to the structure type points, with a whole flanges titanium butt weld ends flanges titanium live set of flanges titanium and threaded flanges titanium.
It can be a casting (figure be left vacant for the time being), can also be made by thread connecting flange connection or welding form (flange joint), composed by a flange a several bolts, nuts, washers and composed gaskets between two flanges in sealing surface, tightened after nut, on the surface of the gasket than pressure up to a certain value, and deformation after fill seal surface uneven place, and let the connection strict.
Flanges titanium (titanium flange) is the use of non-ferrous metal titanium or titanium alloy production of a pipe and tube connected parts, connection in pipe
Titanium flange can be used in cars, medical equipment and petrochemical equipment.


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