Titanium Clad Copper



Titanium Clad Copper

Product name:Titanium Clad Copper
Specification: Explosion+Hot Rolling
Clad Material: Ti, Zr, Ni, Stainless Steel
Base Metal Material: Copper, Aluminium
Profile Shape: Square, round, rectangle, drum
Size: Custom-sizes are available
Excellent corrosion resistance, Excellent conductivity
Packing: In plywood cases.
Titanium Clad Chestnut has accomplished application and is absolutely adaptable for abstraction and forming. Ti Clad Chestnut aswell has abundant weldability for connecting, capping and joining. Anomet's custom processing methods acquiesce for a added array of Ti to chestnut ratios. Specifications for archetypal configurations are illustrated in the table below.
Application:electron, plating, petrol-chemical


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