Pump body blank



Pump body blank

Product Name:Pump body blank
Product Description:
Pump physique blanks accept been broadly activated in chemical, automobile, medical, aerospace, abyssal and added fields.
The mainly material:
304, 304l, 316, 316l, 310s, 904l, k alloy, 1cr18ni9ti, 3cr24ni7sinre, 1cr25ni20si2, 4cr25ni35nbw, 4cr28ni48w5si2, gh30, gh39, 70crmovbre, 3cr26ni4mnmore, incoloy 800h, hastelloy c-276, inconel 600, incoloy 800ht, hastelloy c-4, inconel 601, incoloy 825, hastelloy b-2, inconel 625, incoloy 901, hastelloy c-22, inconel 718, incoloy 926, hastelloy b, inconel x-750, gh4169, nimonic 80a, 3j53, gh2132, monel 400, 4j29, gh4145, monel k-500, 4j36, gh3128, 254smo/f44, invar 36, gh3030, a-286


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