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  Gerhold Chemetals Co., Ltd is a German company founded both in Germany and China in 1997, focuses on research and development of metal material.

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Best quality Titanium dioxide

Product name: Best quality Titanium dioxide CAS: 13463-67-7 Molecular Formula : TiO2 Molecular weight: 79.8658 Melting point: ..

Manufacture of Titanium sesquioxide

Product name: Manufacture of Titanium sesquioxide CAS: 1344-54-3 Molecular Formula: O3Ti2 Molecular weight: 143.73 Solubility:..

Manufacture of Titanium monoxide

Product name: Manufacture of Titanium monoxide CAS : 12137-20-1 Molecular Formula : OTi Molecular weight: 63.87 Properties: go..

Titanium alloy powder

Product name: Titanium alloy powder Appearance: grey Powder Product description :Powder metallurgy, powder injection molding, exc..


Product name: Titanium CAS : 7440-32-6 Molecular Formula : Ti Molecular weight: 47.87 Appearance :dark grey powder Product description :Mainly..

Titanium(IV) oxide

Product name :Titanium(IV) oxide CAS : 1317-80-2 Molecular Formula : TiO2 Molecular weight :79.87 Appearance :white powder Product d..

Titanium Target Material

Product name: Titanium Target Material Description: Titanium target is used for CD-ROM, Decoration, Flat panel displays, Funct..

Titanium Basket

Product name: Titanium Basket Description: With our rich industry experience, we trade, distribute and supply an extensive array of T..

Titanium Flange

Product name: Titanium Flange Description: Titanium flange have holes, bolt that two flange abuts flange gasket seal with flange betwee..

Titanium gaskets

Product name: Titanium gaskets Specifications: 1)Bolt sizes:M3-M20*Length 2)Nut sizes:M3-M30 3)Washer sizes:M4-M16 4)Standard:DIN,AST..