What is Molybdenum hexa carbonyl?



  Molybdenum hexa carbonyl is the actinic admixture with the blueprint Mo(CO)6. This achromatic solid, like its chromium and tungsten analogues, is noteworthy as a volatile, air-stable acquired of a metal in its aught blaze state.
  Mo(CO)6 adopts an octahedral geometry consisting of six rod-like CO ligands beaming from the axial Mo atom.
  A alternating accessory agitation in some actinic circles apropos the analogue of an 'organometallic' compound. Usually, organometallic indicates the attendance of a metal anon affirmed via a M–C band to an amoebic fragment, which accept to in about-face accept a C–H bond. By this austere definition, Mo(CO)6 is not organometallic.