What is Cadmium Ingot?



 In real life, Cadmium Ingot does not exist as presented; in reality, Cadmium Ingot is a crystal made of the mineral aluminum oxide with traces of iron, titanium and chromium. It is more likely to represent chromium, which is alloyed with iron to improve steel, though chromium is silvery in color. There are also copper circlets in the game, but no corresponding ingot, while the color of such circlets is similar to Cadmium Ingot. The most well known forms of  Cadmium Ingot are rubies and sapphires.
  Despite Cadmium Ingot being a nine on the Mohs scale of hardness - bested only by diamond - Daedric armor andweapons, Dragon armor and weapons, and Ebony armor and weapons are better. This is likely because hardness alone doesn't make a material very good for forming weapons or armor with.
  The material also needs to have some degree of malleability so that it can absorb the force of many blows without breaking. Also, as mentioned above, the Cadmium Ingot in Skyrim does not correspond to real life, so its Mohs scale position would likely vary from real life, perhaps being closer to copper.