Vacuum stove Specifications



  Vacuum stove is widely used in metal molds, beryllium copper, stainless steel, spring (definitely not the fire net oxidation of the workpiece)
  1, control accuracy: ± 0.3 ℃
  2, using the P909 microcomputer automatic control, programmable multi-up, security, cooling curve, automatic heating, insulation, cooling and over temperature protection, each a power limit, SCR phase voltage control heating, auto-run is finished stop, not on duty.
  3, heating up fast, environmentally friendly energy saving, high precision, stable performance, good insulation effect.
  4, the chamber made of stainless steel precision welded, no rust, so that the furnace is clean, no deformation under high temperature
  5, plus a circulating water within the system to ensure faster cooling. Near room temperature furnace
  6, temperature category: 600 ℃