Sodium Thiosulfate in the Analysis of Calciphylaxis



  The authors analysis the presentation, diagnosis, and analysis of calciphylaxis and aswell call applications of a atypical ameliorative option, sodium thiosulfate.
  Two cases of avant-garde uremic calciphylaxis from both dispensary and hospital settings are presented. One patient, a 57-year-old woman with end-stage renal disease, was advised with surgical debridement and sodium thiosulfate 25g three times a week. After introducing sodium thiosulfate treatment, the afflicted sites abide to alleviate with auspicious advance of abscess depth. Sodium thiosulfate was well-tolerated and facilitated anguish healing.
  The accommodating did not advance sepsis. Sodium thiosulfate appears to be a applicable first-line analysis for calciphylaxis and should be actively advised aboriginal in the advance of treatment.