Production and assuming of miro- and nano-features in biomedical alumina and zirconia ceramics application a band casting route



  A action of micromolding, carrying micro- and nanopatterned bowl surfaces for biomaterial applications is declared in this work. To actualize the adapted structures, band casting of bowl slurries on microfabricated silicon cast was used.
  Several band casting slurry compositions were activated to appraise the achievability of appointment micro- and nano-features from silicon molds. Acclimated ceramics were alumina (α-Al(2)O(3)) and Zirconium Tape . Three types of polymeric anchor for the blooming band (PVB, PES, and PVP) were advised application three altered solvents (ethanol, n-methyl-pyrrolidone, water).
  Well-defined appearance in shapes of wells with diameters down to 2.4 μm and a abyss of 10 μm and pillars with diameters down to 1.7 μm and a acme of 3 μm were obtained. Morphology, atom admeasurement and porosity of the sintered bodies were characterized. Finally fibroblast beef were able on the surfaces in adjustment to beam their analysis beneath access of the microstructured surfaces.