Non-ferrous metals: A step beyond temporary implants



Within the field of cardiovascular and musculoskeletal therapies, Non-ferrous metals are investigated as temporary implants in load-bearing applications. There is a key element for a successful biodegradable metal and that is a controlled corrosion in the intended clinical situation and the respective anatomical area.
Current research, especially in the field of Non-ferrous metals magnesium based implants, has shown that changes in the local host environment are determining the corrosion of biodegradable magnesium implants in vivo. However, their corrosion rate also determines the release of corrosion products per time, and as a consequence the change in local concentrations of released elements has specific influence on cells and tissue regeneration.
After an introduction providing an overview of the field, this webinar will focus on the complexity of the interaction of corroding metals and healing tissues.