Nanotechnology helps improve surface properties



  Five technology centers, coordinated by AIMPLAS, have developed new coatings for plastics, wood, metal, ceramics and glass.
  AIMPLAS, the Spanish plastics technology center, has completed research reportedly conducted to develop new functional coatings for plastic, ceramics, metal and glass using nanotechnology.
  According to the researchers involved in the project, nanotechnology applied to the modification of different surfaces is an important tool since many of the right properties or the requirements demanded in a material depend mainly on the surface.
  During the project the researchers studied nanomaterials with higher current technology interest, both for polymeric substrates and metallic, wooden, textile, ceramic or in glass substrates. The aim was to find and define common points, synergies and convergences between the different coating technologies and surface treatments. It was important to find surface activation methodologies that could be compatible between metals, woods, textiles, ceramic materials and polymers.
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