Nadcap approval for metal heat treatment



Metal improvement specialist Wallwork Group says that its National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program (Nadcap) approval has now been extended to cover both its aluminum and magnesium heat treatment processes. The company is one of a small number of UK heat treatment companies able to process aluminum to aerospace industry standards and heat treat magnesium.
The company processes a variety of components from satellite and aircraft parts through to motorsport and sports cycle equipment. Parts processed vary from fabrications and castings to small pressed-metal parts. Wallwork can heat treat loads of up to 2m3 in each process cycle.
“Since diversifying into this field two years ago we have steadily grown market share, increased capacity and expanded our knowledge and experience,” said Ian Lacey, business development manager for aluminum and magnesium heat treatment.
The furnace model used by Wallwork has integral quench facilities to give a transfer time of ten seconds or less from furnace to quench. Depending on the treatment specification, components maybe air cooled, hot or cold water quenched or polymer quenched. In addition, components can be subjected to post quench freezing to prevent age hardening.
The Wallwork Nadcap approvals fall within the Merit Program whereby successive audits with no or low non-compliances, automatically extends the interval for full audits to two years. In addition to Nadcap approvals, the company also has prime approval from Moog and is seeking specific approvals from other aerospace primes.
Wallwork laboratories provide a range of post treatment testing services including hardness, conductivity and mechanical testing.
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