List of Precious Metals



  Precious metals are basal metals that accept top bread-and-butter value. In some cases, the metals accept been acclimated as currency. In added cases, the metal is adored because it is admired and rare.
  1. Gold
  Gold is the easiest adored metal to admit because of its different chicken color. Gold is accepted because of its color, malleability, and conductivity.
  Uses: Jewelry, electronics, radiation shielding, thermal insulation
  2. Silver
  Silver is a accepted adored metal for jewelry, but its amount extends able-bodied above beauty. It has the accomplished electrical and thermal application of all the elements, additional it has the everyman acquaintance resistance.
  Uses: Jewelry, coins, batteries, electronics, dentistry, as an antimicrobial agent, photography
  3. Platinum - The A lot of Precious?
  Platinum is a close adaptable metal with aberrant bane resistance. It is about 15 times added attenuate than gold, yet broadly used. This aggregate of aberration and functionality may accomplish platinum the a lot of adored of the adored metals!
  Uses: Catalysts, jewelry, weaponry, dentistry