Zirconium Board



Zirconium Board

Product name: Zirconium Board
The capital backdrop of zirconium board: compactness backbone HB > 379 Mpa thermal application = 0.040 Cal/cm2 (can angle charge to shape);
Uses:The catchbasin carapace and tube calefaction exchanger braid evaporators boiler and bayonet atrium agitated hot bogus filar cottony capsule, tubular calefaction exchanger tube calefaction exchanger, heating pipe, tube blazon preheater actinic accessories the acknowledgment kettle coil, etc;
For example:in the beef burden of 239000 Pa, the temperature of 373 K, aqueduct breeze to accommodate 5% 3% 6% sodium sulfate zinc sulfate, beneath the action of zirconium braid with instead of advance bowl etc, account activity in 10 years.


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