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  Gerhold Chemetals Co., Ltd is a German company founded both in Germany and China in 1997, focuses on research and development of metal material.

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Zirconium hydride

Product name: Zirconium hydride CAS: 7704-99-6 Molecular Formula: H4Zr Molecular weight: 95.2558 Appearance: ash black powder Purity ..

Manufacture of Zirconium dioxide

Product name: Manufacture of Zirconium dioxide CAS : 1314-23-4 Molecular Formula : O2Zr Molecular weight :123.2228 Density : 5..

High quality Zirconium monoxide

Product name: High quality Zirconium monoxide Other Name: High quality Zirconium(IV) oxide; High quality Zirconiumoxidecalcine..

Zirconium Rod

Product name: Zirconium Rod purity: 99.95% ISO9001: 2000 SGS Material: Zirconium Grade: R60702,R60704,R60705 Density: 6.51g/cm3 Purity: ..

Zirconium Tape

Product name: Zirconium Tape Description: Zirconium Tape is frequently acclimated as a able ablaze weight alien coating. Additionally, ..

Zirconium Board

Product name: Zirconium Board Properties: The capital backdrop of zirconium board: compactness backbone HB 379 Mpa thermal application..

Metal foil

Product Name: Foil plate Standard: GB/T,ASTM,Q/BS SIZE(mm):( 0.01-0.13)(50-300)500 Product Description: A foil is a very thin sheet of meta..

Tubes and pipes

Product Name: Tubes and pipes Product Description: Standard: GB/T,ASTM,Q/BS SIZE(mm): (6-110)(0.5-5.0)(500-6000) Application: Austenit..



Product Name: Rod Product Description: Standard: GB/T,ASTM,Q/BS SIZE(mm): (6-110)(0.5-5.0)(500-6000)


Product Name: Wire Product Description: Standard: GB/T,ASTM,Q/BS SIZE(mm): (0.5-3.0)L Application: industries or areas involving petrochemical in..