Molybdenum Vacuum Heating room



Molybdenum Vacuum Heating room

Product name:Molybdenum Vacuum Heating room

Product description:This company manily manage rare and refractory metal products and a variety of targets nickel-titanium chemical equipment, industrial furnace vacuum furnace, vacuum heating chamber, heat shield, TZM Molybdenum Electrodes, TZM Molybdenum head, molybdenum Park films, TZM Molybdenum rod, plate-oriented products; other equipment such as industrial furnaces, resistance furnaces, laboratory furnaces and other heat treatment equipment, has formed the scale of production; high temperature molybdenum-based alloys, electric components, power electronics and other products in volume production; tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum, zirconium, niobium, titanium, nickel plates, sheets, foil, rod, rod, bar, wire, tubes, rings, cups, garden pieces, crucible, target and shaped products have been widely used in glass, steel, petrochemicals, machinery , metallurgy, rare earth, magnetic materials, defense research, space, vacuum furnace heat treatment, coating and other industries.


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