Tungsten molybdenum heating element



Tungsten molybdenum heating element

Product name:Tungsten molybdenum heating element

Product description:This company is a high & new technology enterprise specially engaged in developing, manufacturing and selling Molybdenum disilicide(MoSi2) heating elements, tungsten (W) and molybdenum (Mo) products. The leading -brand products enjoy high reputation for their excellent quality in domestic and abroad. Our company mainly manufactures the series products of MoSi2 heating elements, Silicon Carbide (SiC) heating elements, tungsten (W) and molybdenum (Mo) materials and tin dioxide (SnO2) electrodes, etc.With the advantages in technology, equipment, scale and management, our company lies in the leading station of this trade.
We are looking forward to offer our services for our friends both in domestic and abroad.


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