Indium ingot



Indium ingot

Product Name: Indium ingot
Executive Standard: YS/T257-1998
Card No.: In99.993 In99.97 In99.9
Main use: As a high-tech metal, indium is mainly used as transparent electrode (ITO film), the electronics industry in solder, low-fluxing, high-performance engine bearings, as the field of low temperature and vacuum seals, such as soluble anode and the nuclear reactor control rod .
Properties: silver-white metallic luster, soft, good plasticity and ductility, almost any shape. Melting point 156.6 ℃, density 7.362g/cm3.
Packaging: Each tablet weight 500 ± 50g, vacuum sealed with polyethylene film inside the box into foam, and then using high-density composite board Gaisu box or boxes, iron boxes as packaging in the box labeled, indicating the approved Number and net weight, 50 per carton, net weight 25Kg.


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