zinc ingots



zinc ingots

Product Name: zinc ingots
Executive Standard: GB/T470-1997
Grade: Zn99.995, Zn99.99, Zn99.95, Zn99.5, Zn98.7
Main uses: for the production of die-casting alloy, hot dip galvanized alloy, zinc powder, zinc battery shell, zinc chemical products, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical, rubber, ceramics, machinery, automotive, plumbing equipment, batteries, metal corrosion and other industries Widely used.
Properties: silver-white metal, slightly blue-gray, ductile. Melting point 419.7 ℃, density 7.14g/cm3, non-toxic.
Packaging: Each tablet weight 23 ± 0.5Kg, galvanized steel strapping, 42 per bundle, net weight 1000 ± 30Kg; or according to the user requirement.


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