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High Lead Antimony

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High Lead Antimony

High Lead Antimony

Product Name: High Lead Antimony

Executive Standard: Q/HX01-2000
Card No.: SbPb90-6, SbPb88-6, SbPb86-6
Main use: Mainly used in the manufacture battery lead plate, bearing alloys, printing alloy, wear-resistant components, ceramic oxide coatings, semiconductor materials, and military aspects of lead-antimony alloy used for bullet pill, with the antimony oxide coating for fire protection equipment, Smoke.
Characters: gray silver white metal, brittle, density 7.198g/cm3, melting point 605 ℃.
Packaging: Each tablet weight of not more than 25 kg, packaging boxes, each box of net weight 1000 kg; or according to the user requirement.

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