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  Gerhold Chemetals Co., Ltd is a German company founded both in Germany and China in 1997, focuses on research and development of metal material.

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Compound metal pipe

Product Name: Compound metal pipe Product Description: Metal composite pipe and pipe fittings is double the use of special technol..

Composite board

Product Name: Composite board Product Description: Composite board consists of plastic fused between two thin layers of aluminum, crea..

Titanium claded copper bar

Product Name: Titanium claded copper bar Product Description: Titanium claded copper bar has excellent conductivity and is fu..

Titanium and titanium alloy composite plate

Product name: Titanium and titanium alloy composite plate Description: The good characteristics of high-profile titanium , ti..

Stainless steel clad plate

Product name: Stainless steel clad plate Description: To meet the requirements of corrosion resistance , chemical equipment, ..

Non-ferrous metal and composite panels

Product Name: Non-ferrous metal and composite panels Features: Combination of high strength, low interface resistance , elect..

Refractory Metal Composite

Product Name: Refractory Metal Composite Features: Zirconium atomic energy industry is the ideal material , niobium and tanta..

Three-layer composite plate

Product Name: Three-layer composite plate Product variety: Stainless steel / steel / stainless steel , titanium / steel / s..

Composite pipe, bar

Product Name: Composite pipe , bar Product variety : titanium / copper, stainless steel / copper, nickel / copper Features: Dis..

Transition joints

Product Name: Transition joints Product variety:Titanium / stainless steel, aluminum / steel , copper / steel Features: Reliable d..