Sulfuric Acid



Sulfuric Acid

Product Name: Sulfuric Acid
Executive Standard: YS T66-1993
Card number: Superior grade First grade Qualified
Molecular formula: H2SO4
Main use: Mainly used in the manufacture of inorganic chemical fertilizers, especially phosphate, but also for non-ferrous metal smelting, steel pickling, petroleum refining, and petrochemical, textile, defense industry, pesticide, medicine, leather, coking and other industrial sectors .
Properties: Colorless transparent oily liquid at room temperature, the proportion of 1.82 ~ 1.84, boiling point 270 ℃, freezing point 10.4 ℃.
Packaging: according to national provisions of dangerous goods transport management, industrial sulfuric acid tank must be installed in a dedicated (ship), the transport tanker.


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