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  Gerhold Chemetals Co., Ltd is a German company founded both in Germany and China in 1997, focuses on research and development of metal material.

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Sulfuric Acid Industrial Grade

Product name: Sulfuric Acid, Industrial Grade 98# Sulfuric Acid, Industrial Grade Appearance: clear, colorless oily liquid. Ve..

White arsenic (arsenic As2O3)

Product Name: White arsenic (arsenic As2O3) Executive Standard: Q/HX10-2001 Grade: As2O399 As2O398 As2O396 As2O392 Main use: ..


Product Name: Zinc Executive Standard: Zn 90 Zn 80% Main uses: used in chemical production, production of anti-corrosion coating, wet metallurgy,..

Huang Dan

Product Name: Huang Dan Executive Standard: GB3677-88 Card No.: PbO 99% Main uses: used in paint, ceramics, rubber, tubes and Jamesonite lead..

Sulfuric Acid

Product Name: Sulfuric Acid Executive Standard: YS T66-1993 Card number: Superior grade First grade Qualified Molecular formula: H2SO4 M..

zinc sulfate heptahydrate

Product Name: zinc sulfate heptahydrate Executive Standard: Q/HX09-2001 Card number: Superior grade First grade Qualified Mol..

sodium thiosulfate

Product Name: sodium thiosulfate Executive Standard: HG/T2328-92 Card No.: NaS2O3.5H2O 99; NaS2O3.5H2O 98 Main uses: used in textile..

Sodium thioantimonite

Product Name: Sodium thioantimonite Executive Standard: ZBG12019-89 Card No.: Sb2O3: 64.8 0.7 Main uses: for TV Picture Tubes an..

Antimony trioxide

Product Name: Antimony trioxide Executive Standard: GB/T4062-1998 Grade: Sb2O3 99.80, Sb2O3 99.50, Sb2O3 99.00 Molecular formula: Sb..

tin dioxide

Product Name: tin dioxide Executive Standard: Q/HX20-2005 Uses: ceramic industry as a sunscreen pigment and glaze; marble and glass polish..